Welcome to “Never Offline”

I’ve been holding off on blogging for quite some time now – but as with most fundamental shifts there’s only so long that you can avoid becoming part of the change. There’s little doubt now that blogging has become the primary channel for communication between vendors and users in online business.

Since divesting Bikely to Future PLC, I’ve made some time available for both article and blog writing – and this is where I will start, hopefully giving back a little to the online community that has taught me a great deal.

Plus after reading this thoroughly polite mention of our monitoring service, I felt somewhat compelled to join the fray. Word of mouth recommendations are a cornerstone of growing small business, and I’ve got more than a few that I ought to share.

Expect to see plenty of technical analysis in this blog – I am, after all, a techie at heart. I also aim to share my discoveries in the variety of activities that go into creating, marketing and developing an online service.

That includes everything from search engine marketing, infrastructure design, and user interface architecture, right through to pricing models and customer support. Being a jack of all trades seems to be the most crucial aspect of running a small business.

One final note – I believe that the blog as a publishing medium demands a personal connection between author and reader – as such I will not be blogging from “behind a curtain” as it were. You know who I am, precisely where any conflicts of interest lie, and what I’m trying to achieve with this blog.

We’ve seen numerous blogs which are simply hopping on the “blogging is the new marketing” bandwagon by offering poorly disguised link bait to draw traffic and backlinks. This will not be one of them.

Oh and the name of this blog, Never Offline? Well you and I; it seems we’re always online – and Wormly is all about keeping websites online. Together we’re increasingly Never Offline, right? Hopefully it’s a good thing, but time will tell on that score.

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