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Last week I had a chat with Mitch over at The Web Hosting Show, where we discussed – among other things – why I’m so obsessed with uptime. It was therapeutic, particularly knowing that his listeners number many in the hosting industry. Improved uptime and performance is what we’re pushing at Wormly, and I’m pleased to able to explore new avenues in doing so.

MicrophoneI don’t subscribe to many podcasts – I’m definitely in the casual listener category – but those that I follow are podcasts which focus on a very narrow, targeted niche. Mitch’s show definitely fits the bill, and his focus on the hosting industry offers listeners a lot of value. Nice work, Mitch!

Listening to our short interview, one thing that does strike me is just how varied the English language is. Despite my best efforts to slow down, my rapid-Australian-speak contrasted quite drastically with Mitch’s slow and measured twang. Keeps thing interesting!

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  1. I was fun having you on the show Julian, and your welcome to come back any time! :)

    Comment by Mitch — May 8, 2007 @ 9:38 pm

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