IPv6 Now Available

We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of HTTP/S monitoring of web servers over the IPv6 network.

By default all tests are conducted over IPv4. To enable IPv6 you need to set the IP Mode to IPv6 only in your sensor configuration as shown below:

Telegram website down alert setup

This will cause the IPv6 address to be resolved from the hosts’ AAAA record. If required, you can override this IPv6 address by entering the desired address into the Force IP Address parameter field.

Realtime HTTP Test Tool

We’re also pleased to announce an addition to our suite of free test tools; a realtime HTTP tester.

Under the hood, this uses the same HTTP client implementation as the rest of the Wormly monitoring network, so it’s a useful way to perform manual tests when choosing your automated monitoring strategy within the Wormly dashboard.

You can also share the results of each test conducted simply by sharing the URL generated, a great way to work with your team resolve issues together. Naturally you can use it to perform IPv6 tests, too!

Try the HTTP test tool

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