Uptime Monitoring Outage July 17 21:20 – 21:35 UTC

This evening we experienced a partial outage of our Uptime Monitoring network during a 15 minute window which coincided with the outage at Cloudflare (a provider of CDN and reverse proxy services).

This occurred between 21:20 and 21:35 UTC, July 2017 2020.

During this time, uptime tests were not completed for a majority of our users, and accordingly you will notice the missing data period in your uptime reports and performance graphs.

We do sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that today’s outage has caused you.

Our preliminary investigation suggests that an overload condition occurred when the significant proportion of our users who use Cloudflare on their network edge simultaneously experienced failure conditions. This led to a backlog of test confirmations and a high alert load generated by Wormly in response.

Rest assured that when these sorts of failures occur, we learn a great deal and apply that knowledge to improve the quality and reliability of our infrastructure.

We are currently formulating improvements to our cluster consensus protocol to reduce the likelihood of such a “failure spiral” occurring again in future.

Even a few seconds of downtime in a year is too much for us, and we’ll always keep striving to keep it as close to zero as possible!

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Got Great Uptime? Tell The World!

Don’t be shy – your customers really want to know just how reliable your service is. So go ahead and brag about it with our Public Uptime Reports.

Uptime badges

When enabled, you can place one of our funky uptime badges on your site showing uptime from the previous 24 hour, 7, or 30 day period. You can also link through to a detailed uptime report where visitors can examine your uptime history on a yearly, monthly, or daily basis.

Take a look at this example – and click to see the full report:

Uptime verified by Wormly.com

It’s a great way to show your customers that uptime is important to you – Could this transparency be your edge over the competition?

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Build Your Own Wormly Uptime Monitoring Service?

Rip-offs have never gone out of fashion – and it seems that web services are no exception. Possibly of interest to budding software engineers – examine this brief from one of our fans: Rent A Coder – Clone of Wormly

I need a site to be programmed exactly similar or even better than wormly [dot] com. It is a website monitoring and uptime site. Please register for a free account and understand what it does exactly and then bid.

And I want it to be done in PHP and linux. And moreover it is going to be hosted on a shared hosting.

We do of course wish them the best of luck – one can only be flattered by imitation, after all.

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